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CLRC goes to Billing 4×4 and Militaria

A review of a recent event that our Chairman, Eddie Knorn wrote about the club visit to Billing.  Anyone got any pictures I can share?

Mention “Billing” to Land Rover people, and they immediately think of the big show in the middle of Summer. The Club has just attended the other Billing show, which took place in the middle of April entitled “4×4 and Militaria”. This was a much smaller, more intimate event, with the emphasis on clubs rather than traders. As a result, our Club stand was in a prime location with a good view of Arena events. Three CLRC Land Rovers attended, with Mark’s 110 prominent at the centre of the stand, probably to allow everyone to admire his new wheels and tyres.
Arena events included a twist-off ramp, an obstacle course, and a winching demo along with an inter-club challenge and a falconry display. Mark entered the twist-off, only to find out that he really needs to treat himself to some new suspension. The 110 also had a go at the inter-club challenge, which involved reversing a small trailer between large polystyrene blocks, with both Mark and Eddie having a go. No prizes this year, but give it time.
In line with the Club attitude of being “family friendly”, every Land Rover on the stand had brought either kids or dogs, and when we weren’t watching the arena or looking at other clubs, there was plenty of opportunity to sit beneath the gazebo and relax. The camp fire was very good at keeping us warm, too.
Although it was not the usual format of a big show where we came back with loads of new Land Rover add-ons, it was still an enjoyable weekend away. The 2014 event is planned for the middle of April, and I hope we go there again.


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