AGM 2018

Well folks, it’s that time of year again when the Cheshire Land Rover Club Committee stands down and a new committee is elected. The election of the new committee for the next 12 months, will take place at the Pub Meet on Tuesday 13 February 2018 at the Bowling Green, Nantwich.

ALL positions are ‘up for grabs’, so any Club Member wishing to stand for election for any of the committee positions listed below, please make your candidacy know to the current Club Chairman, Ray Yeulet by email to or in person.

Also, we will be looking for up to 5 Ordinary Members to join the Committee, to backup and assist the Committee Members, to assist the running of events, as well as sit on sub-committees to sort out Club business. Again, make your candidacy know to the current Club Chairman, Ray Yeulet.

On the night, there will be a statement from the outgoing Chairman and a report from the outgoing Treasurer. The outgoing Chairman will then make a short presentation, explaining the proceedings that are about to take place. The outgoing Chairman will then announce the 2017 Committee is officially disbanded. Election of the 2018 Committee will then take place.

The CLRC Committee 2016

Chairman: Ray Yeulet
Vice Chairman: Vacant
Club Secretary: Gill Curtis Shaw
Treasurer: Andy Boyle
Membership Secretary: Peter James
Events coordinator: Chris Staniforth
Child Protection Officer: Deborah Chappell
Marketing and Press Officer : Vacant
Rights of Way: Roger Charlesworth
Charity coordinator: Vacant
Website editor: Ray Yeulet
Ordinary member: Jamie Strachan
Ordinary member: Colin Douce
Ordinary member: Haydon Smith
Ordinary member: James Vega-Lozano



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